Why Buy Real estate in Westchase Tampa Florida?

Westchase was ranked #26 by Travel & Leisure for “Coolest  Suburb Worth a Visit”.   This is quite an honor since Westchase is a subdivision and not a suburb.  Westchase homes were built between 1992 and 2004.

 Westchase is an upscale, master planned devleopement with 19 neighborhoods; 3,478 homes, located halfway between Tampa & Clearwater, 15 minutes north of Tampa International Airport.  Citrus Park / Westfield Mall is five minutes to the north;

Single family homes range in size from 1,400 to 4,800 square feet, with a median 2,300 square feet.  Westchase houses range from $200,000 to $700,000, with a median price of $365,000.  Tree Tops, at the north side of the subdivision, ranges from $700,000 to $1,200,000 with a median square foot range of 4,000.  Current homes for sale in Westchase range from $290,000 to $924,000.

Townhomes and Villas are more affordable.  Ranging between 1,400 and 2,157 Square Feet, Westchase Townhomes and Villas are selling between $210,000 and $320,000.  Current Westchase Townhouses and Villas for sale range from $215,000 to $310,000.

West Park Village is the centerpiece of Westchase, with two town centers buffered by bungalow and neo-traditional style house, villas, townhoses, and high end apartments.  Walk the brick sidewalks to your pick of several restaurants, pubs and clubs, boutiques, Starbucks,  eclectic storefronts, and several parks.

Westchase offers two Olympic size swimming pools, and several tennis courts.  Are you a golfer?… or do you enjoy a golf course view behind your home?  Westchase Golf Club is private and beautiful course centered throughout the community, which is considered semi-private.  Annual memberships are available for $1,300 +/-, or option for green fees of $94. From 7am til 2pm, and $52. After 2pm.

Westchase schools include Westchase Elementary, Deer Park Elementary, Mary Bryant Elementary, Davidson Middle, Farnell Middle School, and Alonso High School.  Courtesy of Westchase Community Association (Westchasewca.com), below is a breakdown for each Westchase Neighborhood:


Bennington is one located off Countryway Boulevard South of Linebaugh Avenue.  This lovely neighborhood features mature landscaping and winding, shaded streets.  The streets of Bennington are:  Bennington Drive, Talbot Place, Rubury Place, Woodbay Drive and Danby Court.

Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square is a townhouse community located off Countryway Boulevard South of Linebaugh Avenue.  This neighborhood features maintenance free townhomes in a quaint and intimate setting.  Conveniently located on the corner of Countrway Boulevard and Linebaugh Avenue in the Heart of Westchase and close to the Publix Supermarket Center.  The Berkeley Square townhomes are located in a picturesque circle on Berkeley Square Drive.

The Bridges

The Bridges includes six villages and are located on the Eastern side of Westchase near Westchase Elementary, Davidsen Middle Schools and the Westchase Town Centers.  Those six villages include:  Woodbridge, Stonebridge, Baybridge, Wakesbridge, Sturbridge and Stockbridge.  Stonebridge and Woodbridge are gated villa communities which are maintenance-free and feature their own private community pools.  Baybridge, Wakesbridge, Sturbridge and Stockbridge consist of single family homes North of Linebaugh and off of Montague Avenue.  The streets in this neighborhood include: Gingerwood Drive, Bridgeton Drive, Bayboro Bridge Drive, Woodford Bridge Street, Hartwell Bridge Circle, Seabridge Way, Lightner Bridge Drive, Stockbridge Drive and Kingsbridge Drive.  The close proximity of Baybridge Park, one of Westchase’s gorgeous community parks, is a plus for these neighborhoods.  Baybridge Park features 2 playground structures with shade structures, 3 picnic pavilions with water and electricity that can be rented from the Westchase CDD, natural trails and restrooms.  Easily accessable via the  tunnel that safely allows passage under Linebaugh Avenue you’ll find the West Park Village Swim & Tennis Center, the Westchase Community Association Management Office and sidewalks that lead easily to the Westchase Town Centers.  This tunnel and sidewalk system allow for walking, biking or rollerblading safely throughout the community for children and adults alike.

 The Enclave

The Enclave is a gated, zero-lot line, low maintenance community.  This community is located South of Linebaugh Avenue on Countryway Boulevard.  This community is unique in that the homes are single family homes but lawn care, security of the gate and common area maintenance are included in your monthly dues.

The Fords

The Fords include 6 villages which are located North of Linebaugh Avenue on both the East and West side of Gretna Green Drive between the Bridges and Radcliffe in the heart of Westchase.  Those villages are:  Abbotsford, Brentford, Castleford, Chelmsford, Kingsford and Stamford.  The homes in the Fords are single family homes.  The streets in this neighborhood include:  Kingsbridge Avenue, Weybridge Drive, Downey Lane, Gretna Green Drive, Brentford Drive, Brownsford Drive, Chelmsford Way, Snowden Place, Tavistock Drive, Abbotsford Drive, Millport Drive, Castleford Way, Newington Place and Rochester Way.


Glencliff is a neighborhood with single family patio homes which are maintenance-free.  This neighborhood is located South on Countryway adjacent to the the Glencliff Park and the Westchase Golf Club.  Glencliff park offers two playgrounds with shade structures, picnic pavilions with water and electric which can be reserved through the Westchase CDD, soccer and baseball fields, basketball courts, restrooms and nature trails.  The streets in this neighborhood include:  Glencliff Circle and Edenton Way.


Glenfield is located South of Linebaugh on Countryway Boulevard, this neighborhood features mature trees and is located close to the Countryway Swim & Tennis Center. The streets in this neighborhood include:  Glenfield Avenue and Springrose Drive.  This neighborhood features only single family homes and many of the homes in this intimate neighborhood back to conservation or a local equestrian community, creating a tranquil environment.

The Greens

The Greens is a gated neighborhood located South of Linebaugh Avenue in the heart of Westchase.  Enter through the gates at Linebaugh Avenue and Gretna Green Boulevard at the 24 hour manned guard gate.  There are 7 villages behind the Green’s gate and 6 of those villages are in The Greens.  Those villages include:  Greensprings, Greencrest, Greenhedges, Greenmont, Greendale and Greenpointe.  The Village Green at the front of The Greens is actually part of West Park Village.  The Westchase Golf Course runs in and throughout much of The Greens and the neighborhood features sidewalks perfect for walking, biking or rollerblading behind the gates.  Greens residents can walk through the Village Green and over the canal bridge to easily access the West Park Village Swim & Tennis Center, the Westchase Community Association Management Office, Baybridge Park or the Westchase Town Centers.  The streets in this neighborhood include:  Greensprings Drive, Gretna Green Drive, Greenhedges Drive, Acelia Way, Greencrest Drive, Greenmont Drive, Greendale Drive, Greenpoint Drive, Edgefield Place and Applecross Lane.

Harbor Links / The Estates

Harbor Links / The Estates is a gated neighborhood in Westchase which features the Westchase Golf Course throughout its boundaries.  This lovely neighborhood is accessible from either Countryway Boulevard or Radcliffe Drive off Linebaugh Avenue near the entrance to the Westchase Golf Club.  The gates are not manned but access is granted through a clicker, access code or by calling the homeowner.  Clickers are available for purchase by Harbor Links/The Estate residents with proof of residency at the CDD office in Westchase for $35.00 each.  The gates features cameras for extra security.  This neighborhood features larger lots than other Westchase neighborhoods.

Keswick Forest

Keswick Forest is located on Countryway Boulevard just South of Linebaugh Avenue and directly across from the Countryway Swim & Tennis Center.  Keswick Forest features a quaint wooden footpath from the Westchase sidewalk into the neighborhood as its streets wind through mature trees and landscaping.  Most homes in this neighborhood back to conservation or pond views.  The streets in this mature neighborhood include: Ashville Drive, Chambers Drive and Keswick Place.


Radcliffe is located North of Linebaugh Avenue and just behind the large community pond and recently upgraded Radcliffe Bridge.  This neighborhood is unique in that tall Washingtonian palms flank the streets in this neighborhood of single family homes.  The entry to Radcliffe winds into the community which allows most of the homes to be set quite a distance from Linebaugh Avenue.  The streets in Radcliffe include Radcliffe Drive, Wandsworth Drive, Keating Drive and Middlebury Drive.

Saville Rowe

Saville Rowe is a gated, maintenance free luxury townhome neighborhood situated on the Westchase Golf Course.  Buildings are white with red tile roofs, and can be seen from Linebaugh Avenue, located just off Radcliffe Drive at the entrance to the Westchase Golf Club.

The Shires

The Shires is one of located North of Linebaugh on Countryway Boulevard just before the professional park and the Upper Tampa Bay Regional Library.  The Shires include 3 villages called Derbyshire, Cheshire and Ayrshire.  The streets in this neighborhood include:  Oaksbury Drive, Ayrshire Drive, Derbyshire Drive, Lancashire Drive and Easthampton Drive.  Mature trees, landscaping and ponds make their hallmark here in this neighborhood.

The Vineyards

The Vineyards is a gated neighborhood of zero-lot line detached homes , and is one of the first neighborhoods you encounter as you enter from the East off Sheldon Road.  Situated just North of Linebaugh Avenue and next to the large community pond near Westchase Elementary sits this fantastic gated neighborhood.  The Vineyards features single family homes on essentially zero lot lines and these homes are low maintenance.  This intimate neighborhood of neo-traditional, porch-style homes features its own community pool.  This community is within walking distance to the newer Westchase Town Center.  The streets located within this neighborhood include:  Apple Valley Way, Colonial Garden Lane, Crystal Commons Way, English Silver Way, Ivy Brooke Court, Spring Garden Way, French Carriage Circle, Gracewood Way, Ashford Gables Court, Needlepoint Place, Laurel Glen Place, Spring Mountain Place and Sierra Vista Place.

 The Vineyards is a quaint 120-home, neo-traditional gated community located northwest of Tampa, FL.  The Vineyards was chosen by Professional Builders Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders as a “Best in American Living” award winner in 2001, with honors for community design and environmental preservation.  The Vineyards is governed a homeowners association with a five member Board of Directors.  The property is managed by Greenacre Properties, Inc.

The Vineyards is surrounded by conservation areas and is bordered on the West by one of Westchase’s only natural lakes.  The Vineyards is close to everything from shopping malls (Westfield Mall at Citrus Park), Tampa International Airport, great schools (Westchase Elementary and Davidson Middle School), and local villages (The Avenues and West Park Village).

West Park Village

West Park Village is a true village with boutiques, restaurants, bars / clubs, and eclectic shoppes.  West Park Village is a compilation of eight different Neighborhoods to create this Neighborhood within Weschase.  The eight Neighborhoods that comprise West Park Village are:  The Village Green, Villas of West Park Village, Classic Townhomes of WPV, Single Family Homes of WPV, Townhomes of WPV, Traditional Townhomes of WPV, Arlington Park and Worthington Townhomes.  In West Park Village, the neo-traditional, urban style of living is evident in the different types of homes, the expansive front porches, village green spaces with gazebos and swings, alley entry and street parking style.  Interspersed amount the different style of homes you’ll find the Westchase Town Center which rounds out the urban lifestyle.  Jaunt to the Village Market, a restaurant, a coffee shop or drop off your dry cleaning … it’s all on your doorstop.  Also within close proximity is the Bell Tower, fountains, village greens, dog green, splash park, outdoor stage plus the West Park Village Swim & Tennis Center and Baybridge Park.  There aren’t many places like it in Tampa, it’s a unique and close knit community.


Woodbay is tucked in on the West side of Countyrway Boulevard South of Linebaugh Avenue.  This lovely, mature neighborhood is inherently connected to Bennington and located close to Glencliff Park which is a plus for these Residents.  The streets in Woodbay include: Woodbay Drive, Dunscroft Lane, Bristol Commons Circle, Rockport Place, Glencliff Drive and Seabrook Drive.


Wycliff is a small intimate neighborhood on Countryway Boulevard South of Linebaugh which features single family homes.  This neighborhood is located close to Glencliff Park and the Countryway Swim & Tennis Center.


Everyone knows a Realtor… but is it the right Realtor?

Your house may be your greatest asset.  The sale of your house is a business decision… so treat it like one.  Giving the job of selling your house to your neighbor that’s a Realtor, or the guy you work with can be a costly mistake.

Selling your Westchase house for the highest price in the shortest period of time takes skill and expertise.  The price range for this to occur is very, very narrow.  Pricing too low will result in you leaving money on the table.  Pricing too high will lengthen the marketing time, thus resulting in a LOWER sale price.  Buyers won’t even look at a house that’s been on the market a long time as they assume there’s something wrong with it.  A properly priced house is the best marketing strategy.

I have a monumental advantage over other Westchase listing agents  as I have a 23 year appraisal background; former president of Tampa Bay Appraisal Service for 16 of those years.  Westchase home values are constantly changing, as is the market.  Prior to setting a list price, I do an appraisal to determine the correct market value.  Not only do I determine the most probable sales price, but I analyze marketing time (days to contract) and sale-to-list-price ratio (how much off the list price are houses selling).  This is our negotiating room.

When you interview a Westchase Realtor, ask him/her what their marketing plan is?  Don’t say another word… allow them to explain in detail.  Most likely, they won’t have an answer.

There’s more to marketing your house than sticking a sign in your yard, and entering into the MLS.  That’s what most Westchase listing agents will do.

Tom Brubaker, Broker / Owner

Office:  813.908.0706

Cell:  813.493.2913



  • Stick a sign in your yard

  • Enter the listing in the MLS

Wait for another agent to show and sell your property

What we do at TAM-BAY REALTY:

  • Yes, we stick a sign in your yard

  • Yes, we enter the listing in the MLS

  • No, we don’t wait for another agent to show and sell your property

  • Postcard Marketing:  “Pick your new neighbor” campaign.  We send postcards to hundreds of your neighbors with information on your house, asking if they have family, friends, or co-workers looking to move into their neighborhood.  Fact:  Neighbors typically know someone actively looking to move in their subdivision.

  • Server Sites:  90% of buyers turn to the internet to find a new home.  Your listing will appear on Realtor.com (all MLS listings appear), Zillow, Trulia, YAHOO, AOL, MSN, and dozens of other sites.

  • Flyer box installed on the yard sign allowing passing buyers and neighbors to pick up a brochure with photos.

  • Email a flyer to each and every real estate agent that is active in your neighborhod.  When they get a sign call on a listing that is under contract, they now have information on your property to covert that caller into a buyer.